Websites for Bands


COST: £450

You get a 4 to 7 page wordpress website themed for your band, which includes:
Design, build, hosting* and uploading live, domain purchase (or transfer if required).

7 Page Website – build includes:
1) A home page: With music player, Slider image gallery, Social media links (from your social media sites), Mini biog section, Footer with social media feed (if you have and want them: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram)

2) Band biog section: Add more detailed Info about your band

3) Videos section: Add your videos

4) Events section: Add your upcoming gigs

5) Shop Page: Link your existing bandcamp site OR to a Discography page where you can link to iTunes if you don’t have a bandcamp site, here is a link on how to set one up:

6) Gallery section: Add your pics

7) Contact page: Where people can email you for more info.

If you want any extra artwork, designing or management of your site by us, there would be a charge of £30 per hour. This could include: updating gig/event dates, adding/changing text, adding/changing images, adding mp3s to the site or any graphic design or retouching.

Once we have recieved all required/available assets – which include all: spell checked text, logos, images and mp3s – we will supply you a site link for approval 5 days after submission of the assets.

Upon receipt of the site, you will need to specify any amends/additions within one working week. Amends will then be completed within a further 5 days. This first set of amends is included in the price, any subsequent amends will be charged at £30 per hour.

Upon final approval we will supply you with the admin login details, a ‘how to’ guide, and upload your site.

If you require good value hosting or domain purchase I am happy to advise. 

Payment is required no later than 30 days after the invoice is submitted by us. Failure to pay by 30 days will result in your website being taken down.


Once the site is complete there are two options for you regarding the maintenance of its content.

1) If you intend to update the content yourself that is no problem as we will hand over the full admin to you, however if you do commit to this option it is on the understanding that you know the basics of how to login to wordpress. We will include a step by step guide of how to update your pages, with screenshots for guidance, but any support after the site is handed over to you as an admin will be chargeable. The only exceptions to this would be issues with the actual hosting or administrative updates to wordpress and it’s plugins which we will perform as part of the hosting.

2) The second option is that we continue to update your site for you as and when you need items updating, but as previously mentioned this will incur a charge of £30 per hour, chargeable at the time of the update.