MMI International

CEO Mandy McNeill asked me to design her a company website for MMI International along with a logo and business cards

MMI International white text logo on a purple background

I have worked with Mandy McNeill CEO and Principal of MMI International on various projects. The first was when she asked me to give her company a new brand identity. Using her company brand colour scheme, I designed her a new logo, business cards and a branded a wordpress website to her specifications.

Other Projects…

Other projects that Mandy has asked me to help her with branding on include a campaign to help raise awareness at the plight of St Albans Pubs who experienced huge rate increases. I designed the logos for both Save St Albans and Save Uk Pubs logos and Branded WordPress Websites. I also designed business reports, pvc banners, business cards & a digital newsletter.

Save St Albans Pubs and Save UK Pubs

The next three projects are all related to art and creativity and St Albans community. Where I was asked to make logos, design logos, leaflets and wordpress branded websites. St Albans Tastes, Eatlife and CALM.

St Albans Tastes and Eatlife


The last one Calm is slightly different in that it is an A3 newspaper, loosely based on the old weekly music papers from the 70’s and 80’s. I designed the cover, the logo and the page layouts. Not only is CALM an A3 newspaper, it is also a digital magazine, hosted by

Born out of a love for St Albans’ grass roots community, the NME and our independents. Inspired by discussions with young poets, writers, musicians, and artists who welcomed the idea of a print and digital platform for creative expression. 

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